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10 Creepiest Sfx Halloween Makeup Looks. (Graphic Content)

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

If you know where to look, you will find that the internet and social media are filled with professionals and amateur makeup artists whose skills are beyond impressive.

October is around the corner so if you're looking for Sfx Halloween makeup looks, we got you covered.

(Sfx makeup is the use of cosmetics and prosthetics to create special effects for illusions and visual tricks.)

WARNING: If you hate blood, we suggest that you exit this article now, as the following images look very realistic and can be pretty gross! Please know, that the following images are only make-up, although they seem lifelike and are very detailed they are not real.

Ahead, we're sharing some of the creepiest Halloween makeup looks created by talented beauty-lovers.

Make sure to follow these amazing artists on social media to find tutorials, product recommendations, and, more makeup looks.

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