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Foot Care - 15 Of The World's Most Effective Moisturizers.

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

15 of the world's most effective moisturizers

Designed to heal dry, cracked skin for visibly softer, smoother feet.

Help Your Feet Keep Up With Your Life.

Whether you're lawyer-ing, marathon-ing, red carpet-ing, dance floor-ing, CEO-ing or supermom-ing, life is more enjoyable and carefree when your feet look and feel their best.

Allow us to introduce you to Bare Foot Scientist. Their mission is to make perfect foot health and beauty easy and to help make foot-pampering a more regular part of your life.

You and your feet certainly deserve it.

Here are 7 signs your feet need better care:

-Dry Skin


-Aches & Pains

-Odor & Infection

-Dirt & Sweat

-Blisters & Burns

-Unhealthy Nails

Movement is hard on your feet.

Temperatures in your shoes can soar to over 100°, causing constant moisture loss in your feet. Over 1 billion bacteria & 100 types of fungus can latch onto your feet each day, leading to odor & infection. With each step, 1000lbs of force compress 7000 sensitive nerve endings, leading to calluses & sore, strained muscles. This causes dry skin, odor & infection, calluses

and aches & pains.

Fashion is hard on your feet.

Shoes often rub back & forth on your skin more than 5000 times a day, causing painful, unattractive blisters. Downward angles & constrained spaces squeeze your toes into 50% less space, leading to damaged nails & calluses. This causes calluses, blisters & burns

and unhealthy nails.

The environment is hard on your feet.

Micro-ridged skin acts like a sponge, collecting dirt, sweat, oil, bacteria & fungus from every surface you touch. Hot, cold, and dry weather can each dry out your foot’s extra-thick skin, leading to painful cracks & dead layers. This causes dirt & sweat, odor & infection, calluses and dry skin.

Barefoot Scientist manufactures a line of premium, scientifically advanced products for every foot care need. Developed with the best ingredients from around the world to nourish your skin, freshen your step, ease your pain, revive your nails and save your soles, Barefoot Scientist makes healthier, more beautiful feet easy. #loveyourfeet


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