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Top 2020 Handbag Trends.

Have you been wondering "Which trends should I know about?". Here we have some of the handbags that most ladies are obsessing over in 2020! Say hello to the 2020 version of the bucket bag, It's the new going-out bag and it'll become your daily go-to. Bucket Bag Shop The Trend

On the Chain

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Quilted Textures

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Large Totes Shop The Trend

Geometric Handbags Shop The Trend

Trends in 2020 also feature some all-time classics we love to carry around from time to time, such as the hobo bag. Other handbags that are trending is the oversized clutch, saddlebags, and micro bags. Designers have found all kinds of exciting ways of playing with shapes to create remarkable purses and handbags. Although a classic handbag is a safer investment, most luxury bags really tend to keep their value and even grow over the years. Take a look at their collection - SHOP HANDBAGS


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