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4th of July Pandemic Party.

Many Americans don't care that coronavirus cases are spiking again. Hundreds of young people in SoCal celebrated 4th of July at Beverly Hills as well as all over the country. Partiers were packed in like sardines without face masks. There's a lot of drinking and super-close contact, ideal for the spread of the virus.

Source California is experiencing a huge spike in coronavirus cases. In the last 2 weeks in L.A. County, 28,130 people tested positive and 391 have died. There are lots of people who just don't care if they get the virus or just believe they won't get it. Wrong! California wasn't the only place that celebrated Independence Day without safety precautions. Wisconsin, Missouri, and Michigan had a handful of water-based venues that brought out pretty big crowds.


We've seen this behavior all throughout the spring and early summer and there has been an explosion of new cases in the wake of reopening after lockdown. Despite what the CDC and other health officials have to say, a large part of the country is living their life... at their own risk. Perhaps they should take a closer look at What It’s Like to Be a Nurse Working on the Front Lines of COVID-19. Either way, join the #WearaDamnMask Challenge just like Tory and her celebrity friends: Tory Burch Challenges Friends To #WearaDamnMask Source


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