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Adele‘s Dramatic Weight Loss...

Updated: May 29, 2020

Adele‘s dramatic weight loss has transformed the star’s appearance, as we can see in her newest Instagram post she shared early Wednesday morning. This is Adele's first Instagram post since her Christmas party last year. Adele showed gratitude to her fans and friends who wished her a happy 32nd birthday! Many of Adele's followers noticed her new look, including her famous followers such as Chrissy Teigen who commented, "I mean are you kidding me," and even Kalen Allen who said, "THAT WAIST IS SNATCHEDDDDDD!!!!"

Adele has stayed away from the spotlight in recent years. The British singer hasn’t released music since 2015’s. Her physical transformation is drastic, it has been said that the musician has been following a strict diet and fitness routine, overall we think she looks great and she even seems happier! Take a look at Adele's glow up!


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