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Allison Holker’s Daughter Weslie Responds To Critics Telling Her She Dresses Like A Boy.

Weslie Boss who is only 12-year-old made a TikTok video with an epic response to a commenter who asked why she "dresses like a boy". Weslie Boss is the daughter of Allison Holker and Stephen twitch boss. Both parents are known as American dancers. Stephen Twitch Boss is also a television personality and has been featured on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a DJ.

In addition to Weslie, Holker shares son Maddox, 4, and 6-month-old daughter Zaia with husband Stephen “tWitch” Boss.

Photo: Allison Holker/ Instagram

Allison Holker, 32, reposted her daughter's video saying she's 'Proud' of Daughter Weslie, for 'Standing Up for Herself and using her voice'.

In the video, Weslie begins her response to trolls who questioned her style by saying, “Patriarchy is dead. Just because I don’t wear dresses and bright pink doesn’t mean I’m dressing like a boy”. Take a look at the video below to hear Weslie 's response.

Well said young lady, her response was neat and straight to the point. We are ALL proud of Weslie for standing up for herself and using her voice! Rock on Weslie!

To learn more about Weslie, visit her Instagram page


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