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An Astounding Voice: Meet Shuba!

This young lady's voice deserves your attention. Meet Shubha! Shuba's voice is AMAZING, there is no doubt that she is extremely talented, and not only will you enjoy listening to her astounding voice but you will also enjoy watching her videos on social media as you can see her natural charisma and charming personality. Shubha Vedula, simply known as Shuba, is an American singer/songwriter of Indian descent. She was born and raised in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and has been singing professionally from a young age.

Shubha has been singing since she was about 3 years old. She grew up listening to a lot of Bollywood, Mariah Carey, Eminem, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and The Beatles. Shuba started doing talent shows, such as opening for Train, Lindsey Stirling, Kris Allen, performing the national anthem for the Chicago Bulls, headlining her own Taste of Chicago show, and performing for label A&Rs. Shuba was also American Idol's semi-finalist on Season 12. Her music is mostly a combination of everything. It’s pop melodies, R&B riffs, hip hop rhythmic twists, and some Indian/Middle Eastern vocal nuances and instruments. You will find a variety of videos throughout her social media platforms. Take a look at some of her videos down below! Song: Gimme Gimme - Shuba

Shuba has released her most recent song called "Gimme Gimme". She is definitely an artist to be looking out for. Shuba has one of those voices that you can instantly pick out from a million others. To learn more about Shuba, follow her on social media; Instagram TikTok Facebook YouTube


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