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Angelina Pivarnick's “Bandaid Butt Lift.”

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Angelina Pivarnick flaunted her booty to her Instagram followers to showcase the results of her recent “bandaid butt lift.” Angelina looks forward to getting her booty just right and according to her, she still has another session or two left. Aside from some mild bruising, she is very happy with the lift so far.

Angelina recommended to any of her followers who are seeking a similar treatment to check out Dr. John Paul Tutela, which she credited for the procedure.

This procedure cost around $4K-$7K and will lasts approximately two years. The procedure involves two to four collagen-boosting injections spaced six weeks apart, but patients don't see results until four to six months.

Last but not least, of course, her room didn't go unnoticed. Angelina did apologize for that messy room by saying "Ps don’t mind my messy room lol. I was getting ready for the beach. Let me live."


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