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Anti-Aging Advanced Skin Care - 'Ongrien' by The Rouge Cosmetics.

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

The Rouge Cosmetics' mission is to improve skin health through science.

The Rouge Cosmetics offers the most effective clinical skin care and superior vegan cosmetics in the industry.

Rouge carries a full line of cosmetics, skincare, spa products, and more.

The Rouge Cosmetics along with Ongrien Technologies' expert research team helped pioneer the advent of cosmeceuticals and has continued to lead the industry as one of the finest skin care companies.

[Photo: The Rouge Cosmetics]

Aging Is Optional!

Qualified and proven as one of the most superior anti-aging products on the market, while backed with scientifically proven results on repairing skin from the inside out, they help reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother complexion and healthier more youthful skin for the future.

Ongrien anti-aging clinical nutrient- based products deliver advanced repair, restoring skin health while neutralizing free radicals. Ongrien clinical skincare is a clinical nutrient-based line that is healthy for the body with valuable vitamins that ensure safety designed to prevent future damage to the skin.

Superior to organics, Ongrien Technologies is a vitamin clinical nutrient-based line that is healthy for the body with valuable vitamins that ensure safety to the skin, while designed to prevent future damage to the skin.

[Photo: The Rouge Cosmetics]

[Photo: The Rouge Cosmetics]

[Photo: The Rouge Cosmetics]

[Photo: The Rouge Cosmetics]

Ongrien Advanced Skin Care Collection includes:

  • Superior Anti-Aging Treatments: Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles

  • Premier Anti-Aging System: Preventive Care and Anti-Aging

  • Sensitive Skin Solutions: To Treat Sensitive Conditions And Anti-Aging

  • Clear Skin System: Acne Line For Problematic And Oily Skin

  • Enzyme and Exfoliants: Scrubs, Glycolic Acid And Deep Pore Treatments

  • Specialty Skin Care: Skin Primers, Hair Inhibitors, Specialty Serums And More…

[Photo: The Rouge Cosmetics]

Who is the Founder of The Rouge Cosmetics?

The Founder of Rouge Cosmetics is Theresa Taylor-Grutzeck. She is a Board-Certified, licensed Aesthetician and professional make-up artist, and skin care specialist.

As the founder of The Rouge Cosmetics, with over 30 years of education, knowledge, and experience, Theresa Taylor-Grutzeck has become a master color artist and skincare expert.

Since 2007, Theresa has been a cosmetic beauty contributor for Alive Magazine, where she shares her insights on new technologies in skin care, new trends in make-up, and beauty fashion tips.

Theresa spends countless hours researching the latest technologies in skin care products, new styles in cosmetic trends, and finding solutions to skin health concerns.

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