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Which Planet Is B.Simone Living On?

Updated: May 29, 2020

We're a bit shocked by the next video that we're about to share with you. Can someone please let us know which PLANET is B. SIMONE living on? If you're asking yourself who B. SIMONE is: B. SIMONE is an American singer, actress, and social media personality who has gained popularity for her appearance in MTV show Wild 'N Out. She is also the CEO of @bsimonebeauty & @everythingbxoxo B. Simone recently shared this video on Instagram, and we can't believe what our eyes are seeing... Is this young woman NOT aware that there is a pandemic going on? Please watch the video below!

Don't get this article wrong, we love a woman who is working hard to build her empire. We're so excited for Simone and we wish her ongoing success on her business, but... why are these people unloading multiple packages, without practicing any proper safety tips to avoid getting sick, or from spreading the Coronavirus? The purpose of wearing face masks and gloves are to help slow the spread of the virus and help people who may have the virus from spreading it to others. Are they not concerned about their own health? These packages could already have been infected by the virus...

For those who are currently receiving packages and deliveries should be aware and know that the Coronavirus can live on boxes and plastic... That's all we see in the picture above! So how do you prevent the Coronavirus from getting inside your home? Check out the following safety tips to stay safe and healthy, especially when receiving new items right to your door. How To Protect Yourself From COVID-19. Let's take precautionary measures to avoid being exposed to this Coronavirus! You can follow B. Simone on Instagram.


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