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BEST Concealer in Sephora! Rachel Tries Every Concealer to Find The Best One!

Social media influencer Rachel Levin bought every concealer in Sephora to find the best one! The cost for this makeup haul was a total of $1,200.

There is a total of 44 different concealers that Rachel bought, and she will be trying them all on to find the best concealer.

In this article you will see Rachel judge each concealer in four rounds; the coverage test, the cakey test, the long-lasting test, and in the last round, Rachel will have the top two concealers compete with each other to see which one outlast the other.

[Instagram Photo: Rachel Levin]

Who is Rachel Claire Levin a.k.a RCLBeauty101?

Rachel Claire Levin is known on social media as RCLBeauty101. She is an American YouTuber and singer.

Rachel was born in 1995 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. By the age of 15, Rachel was uploading makeup tutorial videos to her YouTube channel and by the age of 16, Rachel was quoted in "The Wall Street Journal" in an article about makeup tutorials.

Rachel Claire Levin was ranked as the top social media influencer under 21, in 2015. Today Rachel has over 14 million YouTube subscribers and almost 4 million Instagram followers.

Rachel Levin launched her own makeup brand in 2020 called RCLÓ Cosmetics.

Rachel also started her music career in 2020 when she debuted the first single that she co-wrote with Brent Morgan. The song is titled "Myself".

BEST Concealer in Sephora!

Rachel Tries Every Concealer to Find The Best One!

Follow the rest of Rachel Levin's journey on her social media.



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