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Beyoncé Debuts 'Black Parade' Song to Support Black-Owned Businesses.

On Friday 19th, in honor of Juneteenth, Beyoncé supplied her fans with a new single titled "Black Parade.

What Is Juneteenth?

The longest-running African-American holiday in the United States, Juneteenth is short for June Nineteenth and marks the day that slavery ended in America.

Beyoncé's new song "Black Parade" is an empowering track that draws on current events while celebrating Black excellence. The song which was co-written with husband JAY-Z and other songwriters praises the legacy of ancestors and chart a march toward an uplifting future. Here are some lyrics to Beyoncé's new song: "We got rhythm, we got pride. We birth kings, we birth tribes. Holy river, holy tongue. Speak the glory, feel the love," Beyoncé sings "I can't forget my history, it's her story." Not only did Beyoncé just released her new song, but she has also kicked off an initiative to support Black-owned businesses by adding to her website a directory of businesses for fans to patronize, ranging from areas of fashion and beauty to design and wellness.


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