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Bianca Linares Is In Trouble!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Enough is enough and people are furious and just about had it with Bianca's behavior! Bianca Linares is a makeup artist, who has been causing a lot more controversy these past few days. It is well known that when Bianca goes LIVE, her raw personality and that mouth of hers combined with alcohol and whatever other substances she mixes it with, brings out the true colors of Bianca. Bianca's LIVE is definitely rated R. Not only is her language very aggressive but there is constant verbal abuse and disrespect towards her viewers and followers, and some of these viewers just had enough especially with her most recent LIVE, which was pretty offensive ... Bianca went as far as saying "go missing and get murdered why don't you" and even though Bianca tried deleting some of the stuff, we were still able to find the screenshots circulating the internet to show the things she said! Now people are asking to sign a petition to "Remove Bianca from Morphe cosmetics & BH cosmetics" and so far 102,212 have signed.



Bianca obviously noticed the rage that her comments have caused and made sure she addressed the "misunderstanding" But let's face it, people are not buying her stories and possibly not her products either! We don't blame the people who are protesting about this, it's very common for Bianca to always be this outspoken, rude and disrespectful...


BUT WAIT... The drama keeps going ... To listen to the videos please click HERE (Or click on the picture below)


To top things off, Truth Sleuth shared on Instagram what Morphe said in reward's to Bianca comments...



Seems like Morphe has made a move by Ghosting Bianca's products from their website... Morphe is currently reviewing its ongoing partnership with Bianca. As for right now, Morphe has removed all the products created in partnership with Bianca from as shown above (Click the picture above to be re-directed to Morphe's site)

Ultimately, if you're not happy with Bianca, or how Morphe is handling the situation, it's best to not support their business and or movement...

Bianca's Instagram

If you would like to sign the petition visit the link below Remove Bianca from Morphe cosmetics & BH cosmetics

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