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Black & White Photos in Support of Women's Empowerment.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

You may have seen it and even wondered why women are posting black-and-white selfies.

Over the past several days, many Instagram feeds have been overrun with black-and-white images of women in support of Women's Empowerment!


Women nominate each other to post a monochrome image of themselves and many females including celebrities are posting these images on social media, sharing photos of themselves where they feel confident.

The premise of the “challenge accepted” trend is that these photos promote female empowerment, and by nominating friends to take part in the campaign is a way for women to support each other.

Celebrities including the actresses Kerry Washington, Jennifer Garner, Demi Lovato, Kristen Bell, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Eva Longoria have helped the campaign gain visibility.

Many women have included the hashtag #womensupportingwomen in their posts.

So far, more than 3 million photos have been uploaded with the #ChallengeAccepted hashtag.


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