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What is Bretman Rock up to these days?

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Bretman Rock is one of the biggest stars on the internet. He is famous for his beauty videos and is also beloved for his quirky sense of humor, sassy personality, and his confident style. So what is Bretman Rock up to, during the Coronavirus pandemic? The 21-year-old star has shared on Instagram multiple videos of his most recent activities while being quarantined. He seems to be keeping his cool while still managing to do what he does best! Being fabulous and entertaining us... Along with all of his most recently funny videos, he has also celebrated his one year anniversary with his love!

We do enjoy Bretman's videos and comedy skits on Instagram, one of his newest videos on Instagram was beyond creative and fabulous... and within that video post, he shared a positive message on his comments. Take a look for yourself!

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