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Browjam - Custom Designed Brows by Janine Wallace.

Browjam's mission is to make people feel good through the empowerment of a good set of brows.

The brand believes every person is unique and their brows should be too. That’s why they have the widest range of brow treatments and brow products to offer their clients and give them the brows that they deserve.

Now loved by many aspiring artists, Janine and her elite team of artists and trainers are providing students with the skills it takes to become brow artists to be reckoned with.

[Photo: BrowJam's Clients]

Meet Brow creative Janine Wallace, CEO, and founder of Browjam.

[Photo: Janine Wallace]

Janine has been in the industry for over 10 years and handpicked a team of driven, passionate, and creative individuals to pass down her great knowledge and highly sought after skills.

Janine's passion for art began at school and in particular a love of drawing brows that framed the face and eyes. Not really something that was done in the 90s!

A few years in, Janine opened up House of Liberty, the beauty salon boutique. Her passion for eyebrows grew stronger and she stopped doing all other beauty treatments to focus on and master brow treatments.

Furthering this knowledge and brow power, Janine CEO and founder of Browjam decided it was time to pass on these sought-after skills and The Browjam Academy was born.

Meet the Browjam's amazing team. Click HERE to learn more about Emily Bartle-Haigh, Laura Harkin, and Robyn Mcallister.

Their friendly, welcoming, and professional team are committed to providing nothing but 5-star customer service and quality to their clients.

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