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TikTok's Best Top 8 'BussIt' Challenge.

The 'BussIt' challenge is the first dance challenge of 2021 that has skyrocketed, and of course, it has become one of TikTok's viral challenges.

The new single 'BussIt' was released by Dallas rapper Erica Banks who has charted on the Billboard's Hot 100 for the first time, thanks to this song.

The original steps to TikTok's latest viral dance challenge are "simple" and it requires the dancers to start the video in their no make-up/sweats look before dropping it low and twerking in full outfit and makeup.

Down below you will see that each individual has added their own twist and creativity into this challenge.

Without further ado, here are our favorite Top 8 Best BussIt challenges.

Feel free to visit each TikTok page to learn more about the dancers!

JaNay Honest

Melissa Ong







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