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Camila Coelho Founder of Camila Coelho Collection.

Meet Camila Coelho, the Founder & Creative Director of Camila Coelho Collection.

Who is Camila Coelho?

Camila Coelho is a 34-year-old famous Brazilian-American fashion model and Internet Celebrity. She is known as a blogger, make-up artist, and content creator, as well as a television personality and entrepreneur.

Camila Coelho is well-known in the industry for her own fashion brand, Elaluz (@elaluz), a clean, cruelty-free skincare and beauty product. Camila is also the Founder of Camila Coelho Collection (@camilacoelhocollection) clothing brand.

[Photo: Camila Coelho | Instagram]

In her most recent blog, Camila Coelho talks about "How to wear pink in your look?" and she said; "fashion trends show that pink will predominate in practically every piece of clothing with different fabrics, ranging from party wear, sportswear, or even work wear. In other words, you can use this striking color on different occasions!" - Camila Coelho.

[Photo: Camila Coelho | Website]

Camila Coelho moved to the USA as a Brazilian immigrant at the age of 14 and started her career at a Dior makeup counter right after high school, Camila Coelho has come a long way.

You can also find Camila on YouTube where she uploads her make-up and fashion-related blogs.

Follow the rest of Camila Coelho's journey on her social media.


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