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Cardi B's Gets a Bright Pink Billboard For Her Birthday.

If you miss it, well here you have it! Cardi B celebrated her 28th birthday over the weekend and on Friday 9th, she posted a video to Instagram revealing the splashly gift she received.

She got a bright pink billboard that reads "Happy Birthday Mommy Love, Kulture" and includes a picture of the mother-daughter duo both wearing pink outfits with matching sunglasses and purses.

Cardi B was definitely gushing over her present as you can hear her in the video's background saying "Oh my goodness, oh my God."

Cardi B had her fans guessing if the billboard was a gift from Offset, as she captioned her video "Thank you sir  😏😏😏I love it".

It's known that Cardi filed for divorce from Offset last month, saying their marriage was "irretrievably broken" and "there are no prospects for a reconciliation" but that's not what it seemed like, since they were both seen together during her birthday weekend! Either way, we are loving the billboard!



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