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Cardi B is helping those impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

That's right. Cardi B has teamed up with Fashion Nova to help those that have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. On her most recent instagram post Cardi B wrote; "Many of you are struggling to pay bills, feed your families, and take care of your overall essential needs. #FashionNovaCARES & I are giving away $1,000 EVERY HOUR until we’ve given away $1 MILLION DOLLARS to those directly affected by this crisis."

Cardi B has asked those that are affected by this pandemic to tell them how the $1,000 can help you during these times. Cardi B also wrote;

"PLEASE make sure that your Instagram is public because I will also personally be looking thru these submitted pages. Starting NOW!" Watch the video to learn more!

We can appreciate everyone working together and helping one another. It is so kind of Cardi B to try and help those who need it the most! If you're someone who needs help, reach out... We hope everyone is staying indoors and safe.


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