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Cardi B Launches a New Series ‘Cardi Tries’.

Cardi B launches a new Series ‘Cardi Tries’ on Facebook messenger and it features Michelle Rodriguez and Mickey Guyton.

"Cardi Tries" series will be released today and it will be available to view on Messenger and Instagram video chat.

From Facebook’s Messenger and Jesse Collins Entertainment, 'Cardi Tries' is part of Messenger’s new “Watch Together” feature which allows audiences to enjoy Facebook Watch videos with friends and family in real-time.

Photo: Day One Agency

The series 'Cardi Tries' will feature Cardi B trying new things... like becoming an expert stunt car racer, ballerina, firefighter, teacher, and many other things.

Throughout the series, Cardi B will be joined by actors, athletes, and other professionals such as Michelle Rodriguez of Fast & Furious fame, Debbie Allen of Grey’s Anatomy, Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazer,s and country music singer and songwriter, Mickey Guyton, among others.

The show is produced by Jesse Collins Entertainment.

Executive producers are Cardi B, Jesse Collins, Dionne Harmon, and Patientce Foster.

Cardi B fans will be able to enjoy the show in real-time over video calls with friends on Instagram, Messenger, and Messenger Rooms via Watch Together.

The new series starts today, and new episodes will drop on Thursdays through February 4.

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