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Certified Lash Technician - Transforms Shed Into a Salon.

A certified lash technician from Georgia, transformed a shed into an amazing, beautiful salon with her father's help.

Let's meet the young lady behind this stunning shed transformation.

Her name is Ikia Hubbard, a 21-year-old certified lash technician from Jackson, Georgia who is currently attending Georgia State University.

On July 11th, Ikia shared on Facebook a few pictures and details about her new beauty Salon. Ikia wrote "•may be small to you but its big to me•".

The project started on March 2020, and it seemed that it was mostly finished around July of 2020.

Ikia said that it seemed forever, and that there were so many days she came in the house "super sweaty". She also mentioned that all of it was worth it, and to see this transformation is a blessing.

Ikia's dad was a big part of this project as well, as he has helped her accomplish this amazing transformation. With each other's help they have turned a shed into stunning beauty salon.

Check out some of the pictures Ikia shared on social media.

The swirl painting above the bed (in the picture) is by artist: Adina Oneal

If you're in Georgia, make sure to check out Ikia's services.

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