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Check Out Selena Gomez's IceCream Coned Shaped Flowers After ‘IceCream’ Video Premiere.

Ariana Grande, 27, sent pal Selena Gomez, 28, the sweetest and most gorgeous bouquet of flowers in celebration of Selena's new collab song called "Ice Cream" with K-Pop group BLACKPINK.

Women supporting women! We are loving it...

Ariana Grande had a sweet surprise delivered to Selena Gomez one day after the release of her new song and as you can see right above, Selena Gomez is Obsessed with her ice cream cone gift.

As per Hollywood's story, not only was the collab between Selena and BLACKPINK long-awaited, but it could technically be considered an Ariana collab as well! Producer and songwriter Tommy Brown took to Instagram earlier in the week to reveal the song’s cover art. “Produced and written be(sic) me and some of my awesome friends,” he wrote, tagging BLACKPINK, Selena, Victoria MonetBekauh BookMr. Franks (aka Steve Franks), and … Ms. Grande!

Check out the new music video"Ice Cream".

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