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Ciara Dresses Like Cardi B In Epic Halloween Costume With Son as Offset.

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Ciara started her Halloween weekend 2020 dressed up as Cardi B from ‘Invasion of Privacy’ album cover... and she nailed it as she even had the exact same pose as Cardi. Ciara was even sticking out her tongue while wearing a bold blonde wig with a black and white suit and white framed sunglasses, just like Cardi did. Ciara shared a video of herself as Cardi B, but she was not alone. This Halloween theme involved her 6-year-old son Future Jr and they both look so good while playing the role.

Singer Ciara, showed off her costume as rapper Cardi B when she posed for her Invasion Of Privacy album cover in 2018, and let's be honest... Ciara looked exactly like Cardi B.

Ciara captioned her Instagram post: “Swipe to the right for a Surprise,” and that's when you get to see Ciara and her six-year-old son, Future Jr., who was dressed up as Cardi’s husband, Offset!

Photo: Ciara - Instagram

Little Future totally got Offset’s look by wearing long locks, sunglasses, and all-black apparel which included a gold chain and a cross necklace. Last but not least, if you missed it, Ciara featured her glammed-up nails, which had images of former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris designed on top of the lacquer.

The word “Vote” was spelled out on four of Ciara’s fingers on her other hand.

Ciara is definitely having some fun on Halloween 2020, and for her, dressing like Cardi B wasn't the end.

Late at night, a day before Halloween, Ciara made another post on Instagram with a picture of herself dressed as Meg Theee Stallion and if you swipe to the right again, you will see a video of Ciara dancing her "butt" off, literally lol.

We hope everyone stays safe and is having as much fun as Ciara is!


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