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Clean Hair Care for Curly Hair by Rizos Curls.

Rizos Curls proudly creates products that embrace & celebrate the beauty of curls, coils & waves everywhere.

The brand is focused on providing quality curl care for defined, healthy, voluminous, natural curls.

Rizos Curls offers clean and natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Moringa Oil & Sunflower Oil + more!

Their products are cruelty-free and have no sulfates, silicones, or parabens.

[Photo: Rizos Curl | Website]

One of Rizos Curl's newest products is an award-Winning Nourish Oil! This multi-use power-packed bottle of liquid gold is loaded with incredible benefits for skin & hair.

It's been said by celebrity Becky G that Rizos Curls Nourish Oil is a must-have!

Their new Nourish Oil is rich in Vitamin C & antioxidants, gives an instant radiant glow, nourishes softness & revitalizes hair.

A popular ingredient in clean skincare, Carrot Seed Oil is rich in Beta Carotene. It deeply conditions, soothes dehydrated scalps & restores luster.

Moringa Oil, Sunflower Oil & Castor Oil: Deeply nourish & defend against fragile hair by moisturizing, reducing frizz & improving softness.

[Photo: Rizos Curl | Website]

Meet the Founder & CEO of Rizos Curls, Julissa Prado.

As a young girl, Julissa Prado saved her money to buy every product there was for curly hair, but nothing really worked for her. Julissa battled with her hair over the years and it was then when she told her young self that one day she would create the very best product for curly-haired girls like herself.

[Photo: Rizos Curl | Website]

Julissa spent years creating the perfect formula to make products with quality and natural ingredients that could celebrate all curl types... and that's exactly what she did with Rizos Curls and it was a dream turned into a reality.

Julissa mentions on her website that Rizo Curls was created from the heart and is the perfect formula for defined, bouncy, shiny, frizz-free, soft, voluminous curls.

To learn more about Rizo Curls, visit them on social media;

Official Website

Instagram | YouTube

Julissa Prado's Instagram

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