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Coachella 2020 Is Officially Canceled.

We figured this would eventually happen when we first wrote about Coachella being canceled for the first time back on April 17th in the article "More Events Are Being Canceled..."

Some of you probably still had hopes of being part of this long-awaited annual festival but unfortunately, it will not happen this year! Originally they first agreed to push back Coachella until October but is now officially canceled for 2020.

Some restrictions are slowly loosening here in the U.S, however, we must continue practicing social distancing to prevent the coronavirus from further spreading around as it still remains a major worry.

According to Billboard, 15 percent of Coachella staff were laid off on June 8th, and about 40 percent of ticketholders for the original festival have already requested full refunds since there will be no Coachella festival this year.

As we mentioned in our previous article about shows being canceled due to the coronavirus, we still worry that "large crowds are going to probably be a thing of the past, at least for the balance of the year" and according to one national expert, we probably won’t be seeing massive events like Coachella until late 2021.


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