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Meet Connie Pena, Owner & founder of 1111 Beauty.

Meet Owner & founder of 1111 Beauty, Connie Pena. Connie Penna is a Latin artist, singer, and dancer. She is widely known for being an award-winning performer as the Jennifer Lopez tribute artist. For 10 years, Connie formerly owned & operated "BellaMi Salon", an award-winning beauty salon located in Las Vegas. Not only did she run a successful salon, but she was also a Makeup Artist & "Lead Hair & Makeup Coordinator" for the Latin Grammy's.

[Photo: Connie Pena]

Connie's strong passion & extensive background in the beauty industry has now led her to sell high-quality mink lashes & a new Magic Eyeliner adhesive pen. With a constant on the go lifestyle, she loves the ease of lash application with the waterproof eyeliner. Connie's products work wonderfully for her lifestyle & now wants to share her amazing products with you!

[Photo: Connie Pena]

At 1111 Beauty you will find luxury 3-D mink lashes, & Waterproof Eyeliner Adhesive Pen. They are cruelty free, vegan, handcrafted and designed by Connie Pena.

Connie's lashes are made with the best quality and are lightweight. Connie's 3-D mink lashes are pretty, luxurious, and more natural looking. The lashes are combined with different sizes in length, mixing short and long lashes giving the lashes a layered effect and a more voluminous.

Check out Connie's glamorous 3-D lashes. They are available at her online store.

[Photo: 1111 Beauty Shop]

[Photo: 1111 Beauty Shop]

[Photo: 1111 Beauty Shop]

Check out the video below to see how amazing this Magic Glue Pen by Connie Pena is!

[Photo: Celebrity Nail Artist @samy.nails wearing #allnightlong lashes]

[Photo: @therealsheenalee wearing 3D lashes “Ladies Night” & Waterproof Black Eyeliner Adhesive Pen]

[Photo: @hausofprima wearing #allnightlong lashes]

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