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On the Rise: Check Out 'D3Mstreet' And Their Moves!

Chances are, you’ve heard the hit single from Krypto ft. D3Mstreet Woah.


D3Mstreet are 3 siblings that go by the name of "D3MSTREET" pronounced as /Dim-street/. Derrick, Devin, and Deion. These guys are upcoming music recording artists who have been chasing their dreams since the age of 4, 6, and 9. It is clear that they love music and dance. Take a look at the video below to check out their amazing moves as they dance to "ISSA PARTY CHALLENGE - cassidycondiee"

D3Mstreet LIVE and BREATHE entertainment. From their childhood days and going forward, they have danced, toured, and competed in tons of places such as California, New York, Atlanta, San Diego, Las Vegas, and of course countless places in Florida! They even tried out for the 5th season of the hit TV Show "America's Got Talent". They were a group of eight hip hop dancers and the group name was "Studio One Young Beast Society". With the help of their fans, their group finished 5th place out of 100 THOUSAND ACTS!! Want to see more of their TikTok dancing videos? Click HERE to visit their Tiktok page!

Check out the video below! Krypto ft. D3Mstreet Woah.


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