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Diana Madison’s Clean Beauty Product Glowtopia Is Her ‘Service to the World’.

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

YouTuber Diana Madison’s Clean Beauty Product Glowtopia Is Her ‘Service to the World’.

Diana's brand that goes by the name of 'Diana Madison Beauty' is gaining attention on social media as a fan favorite among Hollywood’s elite and top beauty influencers.

Time for a glow up! Check out Diana Madison‘s latest project Glowtopia.

It all started when Diana got a bad case of eczema four years ago that lead her to create her own product. After seeing a dermatologist, she was told that she needed a clean beauty product to hydrate her skin.

Diana couldn’t find a product she liked at her local drugstore, that’s when she decided to make her own.

According to Intouchweekly, Diana said “I really felt like clean beauty needed a renaissance. Although the products I found were effective, I just didn’t like the way the products looked,” she reveals. “I would never be able to tell my friends that I was using some of the products that I found at the drugstore. So I put my thinking cap on, decided to create the perfect blend to hydrate my skin, and be able to proudly place the product on my bathroom counter.”

One tip Diana learned while searching for the perfect clean beauty product is to read the packaging. “It’s important to read ingredients and know what is in the products you use” Diana says. Her product is a blend of vitamin E, antioxidants, and prickly pear seed oil to hydrate skin.

Diana also mentioned she was shocked to see how many products she was using that had paraben, fillers, and silicone. She explained that she needed products that were as clean as they could get, a product that was going to help her heal her skin and not damage it more.

Glowtopia has been rated top product by Vogue and top product used by Hollywood makeup artists by the Hollywood Reporter. But for Diana, the biggest reward is customers telling her how much the product has helped their skin.

Diana Madison said "This product is my service to the world. Especially the working woman, to help them feel beautiful while healing their skin."

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