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Snatch Your Waist - DIY CLEAR Fashion Belt By Orly Shani.

This clear belt is pure magic! Not only will it SNATCH your waist, but because it's clear, it will literally go with everything!

Allow us to introduce you to the creator of this super cute DIY fashion tutorial! Meet Orly Shani, she has an amazing DIY YouTube channel! Orly Shani does simple, but epic fashion and home decor as well. Take a look at some of her videos shown down below.

Orly Shani's YouTube Channel Orly Shani's most recent DIY video is a tutorial on how to make a clear belt.

When she wears her clear belts, she always gets compliments on them, and we're sure you'll love the way they look as well! You can totally take apart an old belt and use that buckle or buy a new one, or if you want the totally no-sew version, just use the hole punch! The grommets will be great to set in if you plan to pull it really tight like a corset.

You need a super thick clear plastic, so Orly Shani recommends using the one mentioned below. Orly Shani also recommends a cutting mat and rotary blade as it will help to make this belt much easier and much cleaner.

MATERIALS (Click HERE to see a link of each item mentioned below) Clear Vinyl Leather Hole Punch Cutting Mat Rotary Blade Belt Buckle - re-purpose an old one! Ties or strings - anything that isn't stretch Grommets (optional)

You can expect a new DIY video from Orly Shani every Friday and a styling video a few times a month. To see more DIY tutorials by Orly Shani, follow her on social media; Instagram Facebook YouTube


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