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"Do It Challenge" - TikTok 's Best Dancers!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

The song "Do it" has everyone on TikTok jamming to it... [Music: DO IT CHLOE x HALLE]

The duo singers, Chloe and Halle released their first single called "Do It" back in the middle of May, which had built up excitement for their album titled "Ungodly Hour", all while having a viral moment on TikTok because of the song’s popular dance. On June 12th, Chloe x Halle's New Album "Ungodly Hour" was released.

"No drama, no baby mamas, #keepingitcute!"

Get ready to see some amazing dance moves! If you'd like to see more videos of anyone from the following list that we have featured below, just click on their name's to visit their Tiktok page.

1. Mikeila J. Take a look at Mikeila J's video below!

2. todrick

Take a look at Todrick's video below!

3. rafirod__ Take a look at Rafi's video below!

4. Dejuane.mccoy

Take a look at Dejuane's video below!

5. goodgalesty

Take a look at Goodgalesty's video below!

6. Analisseworld

Take a look at Analisseworld's video below!

7. e108pei

Take a look at e108pei's video below!

8. S☀️L The Drag Queen

Take a look at S☀️L The Drag Queen's video below!

9. aniyahlanae

Take a look at Aniyahlanae's video below!

10. nicole_thue

Take a look at nicole_thue's video below!


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