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Easiest Way to Fake the Look of Laminated Brows - Tutorial by Marisol Sandoval.

Laminated brows is one of the hottest beauty trends and essentially the secret to full, fluffy brows.

This innovative technique called brow lamination was originated in Russia, and it quickly made its way to the U.S. If you have noticed some beauty influencers with full, slicked-up brows with a high-shine finish, then you've seen a brow lamination.

Brow lamination is an amazing solution and a great microblading alternative, it's the best way to achieve a more feathery, fluffy-looking brows.

Brow lamination is originally a semi-permanent brow treatment that involves straightening hairs with a perm, setting them, and tinting your brow hairs, leaving you with full, thick brows for up to eight weeks. But why go through all of that if you can fake the look of laminated brows?

Now you can get the look in less than a minute with this amazing tutorial we have found by beauty influencer, Marisol Sandoval.

[Picture by Marisol Sandoval - FaceBook]

Marisol's tutorial shows you the easiest way to fake the look of laminated brows without going through the whole process... and the results were amazing and beyond impressive. Take a look for your self.

Who is Marisol Sandoval?

Marisol Sandoval is a 30-year-old beauty and fashion blogger. Her makeup creations are actual pieces of art that will take your breath away upon first glance. You can find Marisol on different social media platforms where she'll share

makeup tutorials, clothing hauls, 'get ready with me' videos as well as FaceBook Lives.

IF you follow her on YouTube, you will get a glimpse of her journey throughout the years plus you'll get a dose of her witty humor.

[Picture by Marisol Sandoval - FaceBook]

[Picture by Marisol Sandoval - FaceBook]

[Picture by Marisol Sandoval - FaceBook]

Marisol creates comprehensive tutorials that are easy to follow, so if you're looking for a little help to ace your beauty game up, hit the follow button on Marisol's social media accounts;

Instagram TikTok



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