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Like Pranks & Comedy? Meet 'Ed Bassmaster'.

Ed Bassmaster is the stage name of American YouTuber Edwin Rodriguez. His YouTube channel runs comedy videos where, as various characters, he pranks people or puts people into awkward situations. Bassmaster was also the star of the CMT reality-TV prank series, The Ed Bassmaster Show.

Ed Bassmaster was born and raised in Philadelphia and went to a community college but still had no direction. He felt like he couldn’t find what he was looking for. Making people laugh was the only thing Ed Bassmaster was really good at and he never would have imagined he could make a living doing that. Then came YouTube. Ed Bassmaster was still working in retail when he stumbled across YouTube. According to famousbirthdays, Ed Bassmaster worked for AT&T before he found success on the web. He first joined the YouTube world on September 24, 2006. Ed Bassmaster doesn't know what made him decide to open an account and start making videos, but he did. Three years later Ed Bassmaster was doing it full time after being offered a YouTube partnership which means he gets paid through advertisers.

If you're not familiar with Ed Bassmaster or any of his many characters then you may be missing out on some pretty good laughs. His characters are; Teste, Skippy, Gerard Douche, a CIA agent, Hacker, Tequila, Mumbles, Bluetooth Man, Ugly Face, Bushman, and Zombie face. Just Look at it. Psh. Bartle Doo. iWork. Please know that we do understand that his comedy may not be for everyone... just remember his videos are mainly pranks and it's just comedy. The YouTube comedian is known for his YouTube channel where he posts hidden-camera prank videos and takes on different personas and alter egos... Just take a look at some of his videos and different characters down below!

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