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Enola Bedard - TikTok Star & Professional Dancer.

This young lady has captivated our attention with her amazing content where she performs and dances to a wide variety of music.

Her name is Enola Bedard and over the past few months, her mix of dancing videos has gained her major popularity and has had countless viral videos on social media.

[Photo: Enola Bedard - Instagram]

Enola is a TikTok superstar, she is known for dancing in public places and her talent has captured the attention of many. She has gained millions of followers on social media...

Enola has more than 13 million followers on TikTok, 1.8 million on Instagram, and 1+ million on Youtube.

[Photo: Enola Bedard - TikTok]

Who is Enola Bedard?

Enola Bedard is a professional choreographer, dancer, and actress. One of her most recent accomplishments was to be featured in the ultimate dance game Just Dance 2022.

Enola began dancing at the age of 13 and started doing dance competitions in Quebec City, Canada.

By the age of 18, Enola quit college to focus on her dreams. She would travel back and forth from L.A to Canada to train as much as she could, and took multiple classes a day for her dancing and acting training.

Not long after, the pandemic happened and everything was shut down, but that wasn't stopping Enola from pursuing her dreams.

In 2020, Enola decided to take advantage of the situation and started creating content to share on her TikTok platform. Enola then had the idea to start dancing in public. Her very first video filmed in the streets got 30 million views in only 2 days.

Enola is a multi-talented performer. Besides dancing, singing is another passion of hers. She is currently working on music and she will be sharing new content soon.

Her goal is to create good dance songs and music videos.

To learn more about Enola, follow her on social media;




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