Erica Mena Samuels said WHAT?

Updated: May 29, 2020

With everything that we are currently going through, Erica Mena had something to say about Bill Gates! Erica Jasmin Mena Samuels is an American television personality and former model and video vixen. Erica was previously engaged to BOW WOW, and in October 2019 tied the knot to American rapper Safaree.... moving along! We understand that everyone has their own opinion, but what did Erica Mena Samuels say on her most recent Instagram post? Check out the message below. Erica Mena made this post on her Instagram account on 04/20/2020.

Not only did she say whatever she had to say, but Erica Mena also made sure to tag Bill Gates on this post... Of course, we had to read some of the people's comments because we are sure everyone will not agree with her point of view and/or opinions. Erica may have lost a few fans with this post, let's see what some of her followers commented!

As we mentioned above, everyone has their own opinion. Do you agree with Erica Mena? Is Bill Gates evil? Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has spent the last few decades working to improve global health through his philanthropic organization. So we want to know, what are your thoughts? To see more of this post, follow Erica Mena on Instagram


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