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Erika Salazar - Licensed Cosmetologist & Instructor.

Updated: May 14, 2022

Due to the pandemic, a lot of us may still be a bit wary of heading back to salons, and although some of us may have perfected the self-manicure by now, others may have not.

If you miss your acrylics, the solution is press-on nails.

Ahead you will see something a bit more exciting than the ordinary manicure. These creative nail designs you're about to see are made by Erika [@NailsbyErikap].

Erika Salazar, a licensed cosmetologist & instructor with a focus in nail design, located in Laredo, Tx. If you're looking for the perfect amount of glam for your nails, then check out Erika's handmade gorgeous nail sets. She offers everything from short to dramatic length press on nails and each set is handmade with love and all her dedication.

Erika shared with her followers what a crazy year 2020 had been! And we agree, everyone has been affected one way or another due covid19.

Erika struggled to figure things out during this pandemic, and she turned these drastic times into a beautiful outcome... which led her to start her new online business. Erika mentioned on Instagram: "When covid hit I completely stopped taking in clients to protect my family, and I struggled figuring out what my next move was. Doing press on nails has been such a blessing & after researching the best brands and learning the best techniques I finally decided to start selling my press ons locally and that was a hit so I was able to get in contact with a couple of influencers and drastically everything changed."

Check out Erika's nail artwork down below.

Want to see how Erika makes her nail artwork? Then watch Erika work her magic in the video below.

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