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Evelyn Lozada Creates An OnlyFans Account For Her Feet!

OnlyFans is gaining more and more popularity and Evelyn Lozada decided to create her own account. OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where users can sell and/or purchase original content.

Evelyn Alexandra Lozada is an American television personality and model. Lozada is one of the six main cast members in the VH1 reality series Basketball Wives throughout its run. Basketball Wives veteran, Evelyn Lozada made a recent post on Instagram to let the world know she’s got an OnlyFans page and she’s dedicating the new account to her feet.

As shared by TheShadeRoom, Evelyn Lozada promoted on Instagram her new side hustle on OnlyFans! See what she had to say in the video below:

Many people have come forward saying that they’d been making a decent amount of money with their new venture in Onlyfans, even some celebrities have not been shy or ashamed to say they’re trying a new side hustle too!


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