Exclusive Interview with Former Model Ms. Candela.

Updated: May 15

This New York-born and Spain-raised Latina beauty started her modeling career in a beauty pageant at the age of 15. Ms. Candela continued her career by appearing in multiple hip-hop and Latin music videos. The former model also did print work and online campaigns which lead her to gain a significant social following back in the old myspace days.

Meet former model Ada also known as Pura Candela / Ms.Candela.

A decade later, Ms. Candela shares with us at Our Pink World her story about why she stopped her modeling career and talks about what she's up to these days.

How old is Ms. Candela now and what is life like?

Ms. Candela wanted to keep her age private but she is in her 30's. She has no children and has not been married. Candela has been an animal advocate and has dedicated her time to helping animals in need, year after year.

What is Ms. Candela's background/ethnicity?

Ms. Candela's parents were both born in Uruguay but the family roots come from a mixture of Europe. She was born in New York City and at the age of 3, her family moved to Spain for 7 years.

What are Ms. Candela's hobbies?

Ms. Candela enjoys traveling, kayaking, fishing, reading, and caring for her 4 little rescued dogs.

What is Ms. Candela's favorite food?

Ms. Candela loves carbs, she truly enjoys white rice or pasta. She also enjoys sushi.

As a teen, what were Ms. Candela's favorite things to do?

In her teen years, Ms. Candela spent most of her time modeling and working on different gigs. She definitely enjoyed taking pictures.

(Photography by Finesse Levine)

Why did Ms. Candela stop modeling?

The end of her modeling days started when she received a call from her younger sister who lived across the nation. Ms. Candela was in N.Y.C and her sister lived on the west coast.

In 2010 Candela put her life on hold to help her sister's dreams come true to start a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue. Ms. Candela packed her bags and within weeks she moved to the west coast, ever since she has been a huge part of her sister's organization and is hands-on around the clock. Candela continues to be a huge part of the animal rescue, they have helped many animals in need and have found forever homes for thousands of pets. Ms. Candela's organization has been very successful. They have over 13 thousand subscribers on YouTube and their most popular rescue video has over 5.9 million views... Little that Ms. Candela knew that back in 2010 her life was going to drastically change and end her modeling days.

(Video: Finesse Levine | Model: Ms.Candela/Ada)


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