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Explore "En La Sala" PodCast Hosted by Becky G - Exclusively On Amazon Original.

Explore “En La Sala,” the new podcast hosted and curated by Latin Music superstar Becky G.

Each week, Becky G will interview her favorite artists and other people she admires, and tackle topics that are important to her and the LatinX community, from growing up as a Mexican American and today’s Latin Music landscape to coping in the current climate, and the role of women in the music industry.

The podcast started on September 23rd and in Episode 2, Becky G had a very special guest, Sebastian Lletget, who is currently Becky's G boyfriend. In the second episode of her podcast, she talked about love, relationships, and all the craziness in between.

Each episode will include a charitable component dedicated to a non-profit organization related to the theme of the week.

Weekly episodes dropping on Wednesdays, exclusively on Amazon Music. Make sure to tune in for more interesting topics with Becky G.

"En La Sala" Podcast

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