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Extremely Stunning Makeup by Yami Angelina.

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Instagram has created a platform for some of the most prominent beauty influencers in the space. The following beauty influencer & makeup artist has made a name for herself and is slaying the game with her extremely stunning makeup looks.

Meet Yami Angelina. She is a 23-year-old makeup artist and social media ambassador.

She was born and raised in New Jersey but has heritage from the Dominican Republic.

Yami is known for her styling work as well as promotional photos for companies such as Note Cosmetics US, Juvia's Place, and Huda Beauty.

Yami Angelina shares dazzling photos of her work through Instagram and also runs a YouTube channel where she shares step-by-step application techniques and fabulous tutorials.

Yami has a unique authentic persona about her that makes her captivating to watch. You can really see her content creation blossom and her incredible talent with each eye-catching makeup look.

Her professionally presented images, style, and artistic makeup inspire her followers to try those colorful, sparkly eye-popping looks.

Yami is extremely amazing when it comes to glam.

You certainly need to keep your eye on this beauty influencer.

Yami Angelina certainly sets the bar high for other influencers.

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