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Fantasyland Clothing Rental by Lidow Archive.

Lidow Archive is a clothing rental fantasyland of 6,000+ pieces of vintage, contemporary clothing, and accessories based in Los Angeles, California.

This styling service is fixated on the vibrant and kooky, and without a doubt, at Lidow Archive you will find many shimmering pieces of vintage and couture.

Lidow Archive has dressed and accessorized many celebrities, such as; Paris Hilton, Olivia Rodrigo, Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, Tinashe, Coi Leray just to mention a few. Items worn by these celebrities are available for rent at Lidow Archive.

[Photo by Lidow Archive]

Meet the Founder of Lidow Archive.

Lidow Archive was founded by Haile Lidow who started her collection about 15 years ago.

As a teen, Haile was obsessed with combining the kitschy with the couture.

Haile mentions on her website that she unknowingly started collecting when she purchased a lucite purse with “FASHIONISTA” encrusted in rhinestones.

[Photo: Founder of Lidow Archive - Haile Lidow]

Today, Haile's collection is filled with both retro and runway finds and it occupies an entire wing of her home studio.

Lidow Archive's launched its clothing rental in August of 2019.

On an Instagram post, Haile talks about how her business started, and she wrote: "LIDOW ARCHIVE was born when my studio flooded almost exactly a year ago, when i lost a good percentage of my collection and got stuck with a huge dry cleaning bill to salvage the rest. before the flood, i knew i had more than just a personal archive of clothes, but i was too attached and afraid of damage to rent them out. the flood desensitized me to that fear, and made me realize i should be sharing these pieces that i’ve collected and cherished. since last august, my amazing best friend (and now coworker!) @cr0tchety and i have photographed over 4,000 pieces of clothing and accessories, and my amazing girlfriend @pezmer kept me sane throughout the whole thing. so here we are!!! and it’s just the beginning :) now to just get through the next nine days.... 💖 studio pics shot by another very important person in my life/business, @jess_farran 💖

Take a look at some items from Haile's collection down below.

There is only a selection of pieces available to view online.

If you'd like to see more pieces by Lidow Archive, you can make an in-studio appointment at their studio based in Los Angeles, CA.

To learn more about Lidow Archive, follow them on social media;

Official Website | Instagram

Haile's Instagram

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