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Fashion Nova - Critics Are Disgusted by NovaKids' Outfit Names.

On September 27th, the famous brand amongst millennials called Fashion Nova has launched a toddler girls' collection titled NovaKids.

Novakids wardrobe consists of clothing equivalent to some of the provocative adult women's apparel sold by the brand which includes one-pieces, matching sets, crop tops, evening dresses sizes 2-6, and even heels.

Some of the latest models for Fashion Nova’s new children’s line is Chris Brown’s daughter, Royalty Brown, along with her sister, Sinatra.

Fashion Nova has increased in popularity and over the years they have managed to dominate Instagram by getting celebrities, such as Cardi B, Blac Chyna, and many others, to advertise for the brand.

But not everyone is happy with Fashion Nova's most recent release, as some parents are lashing out over several of the outfits NovaKids is selling. In their opinion, mothers and fathers believe the brand is ‘normalizing the sexualization’ of little girls with their new apparel.

[Sexualization occurs when individuals are regarded as sex objects and evaluated in terms of their sexiness and physical characteristics.]

The clothing pieces are designed to match adult versions that are available on the site. 

Some people are okay with the attire, others feel that the brand designers should know better and do better.

Critics claim that Fashion Nova's new kid's apparel is sexualizing young girls and they are disgusted by the name of the outfits which are called 'Pulling me closer', 'Kiss Me Wild', 'Keep It On The Down Low', 'Feeling Way Too Much', and 'See It In Your Eyes'.

It is unclear if any of the complaints have reached the Fashion Nova CEO’s desk.

But here you have some of the complaints that are going around on social media... What are your thoughts?


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