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Festival Hair Extensions That Make You Feel Like Magic - By Hailee Kay Hair.

Festivals are all the RAVE right now, and they give girls and boys a chance to show off their trendiest outfits.

Getting ready to go to festivals is half the fun, and when it comes to concert hairstyles going all out with a fun style is a must.

The culture of festivals and raves is known for individuals to express themselves through a mixture of fashion and music. When you go to these events you’re going to see a lot of colors, themed costumes, and matching outfits.

It’s like you step into another reality. What’s fun about rave culture is that there are no rules.

Whether you want to go to a Coachella event or just want to rock festival inspired styles,

Hailee Kay Hair got the perfect hairstyles for you.

[Photo by Hailee Kay Hair]

There’s a whole world around the popularity of festival hairstyles.

And well, as we all know, if you’re going to have the perfect outfit, your hair will need to match too!

It's all about standing out and self-expression, and when it comes to fun celebration hair looks, Hailee Kay Hair got the hairstyles you'll love.

[Photo by Hailee Kay Hair]

Who is Hailee Kay Hair?

Owner and found, Hailee Fortuin is better known on Instagram as @haileekayhair.

Hailee is a pro-educator and platform artist for amika as well as an independent festival/rave hair specialist from Denver, Colorado.

Hailee is a Behind The Chair festival hair nominee, Modern Salon top 5 Best of the Fest finalist, and travels the country to bring her services and expertise to festival and educational spaces of all sizes.

Hailee graduated cosmetology school in the summer of 2016 and has been doing rave hair since.

Hailee Fortuin, uses this culture as an inspiration behind her brightly-colored glitter and braid-based hairstyles. Check out some of Hailee's stunning hair collection down below.

As she mentioned on Voyage Denver, Hailee specializes in all things braiding.

She adds colored extensions, yarn, and other accessories to her braids to add dimension and provide longevity to the style. These braids can be protective styles and last anywhere from three to five days making them perfect for a weekend festival!

Rave culture is honestly so interesting to Hailee. So by creating these styles, Hailee really gets to help people step into their truest expression.

Hailee Kay Hair believes in bringing the best in hair products and designs to the event industry and festival space.

To book with Hailee (& Team) or find out more about purchasing her collection of premium braiding hair, please visit her social media accounts;


Official Website

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