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Full Face Tutorial Using Dragun Beauty Cosmetics by Zachary Edward.

If you've never tried any of Dragun Beauty's products and you are curious to see how well they work, then you will want to check this tutorial created by the fabulous makeup artist, Zachary.

Zachary Edward has recently shared on his YouTube channel a video doing a step-by-step, full face makeup tutorial using only Dragun Beauty cosmetics. At the same time, Zachary shares his personal opinion and details on how well these products are working for him as he is applying them.

Meet Zachary Edward.

[Photo: Zachary Edward]

Although there are no rules on how to apply makeup, there are still some general techniques.

Zachary is very talented and we've enjoyed watching his most recent video and seeing him apply makeup step by step as he teaches you some tricks on how to cover dark spots and blemishes.

Whether you're interested in Dragun Beauty products or not, you may still want to consider watching Zachary's makeup tutorial down below.

At the beginning of the video, Zachary starts his makeup tutorial by applying DragunFire Color Corrector (orange and green) to conceal, correct, and perfect the appearance of dark spots. Some other products you will see Zachary use during this tutorial are Dragun Beauty's face palette and shadows, wing liner, lip pencils, setting spray, and setting powders.

Check out Zachary's entire makeup routine from start to finish and see the transformation unfold.

Zachary also shares different beauty review videos. You can check all of them out by visiting his YouTube channel.

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