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Gabriel Iglesias Took a Break From Comedy "I Needed An Emotional Rebuild"

Gabriel Iglesias, the 43-year-old standup star stepped away from work for an "emotional rebuild" which included quitting alcohol for more than two years, as says.

Gabriel Iglesias has been doing comedy for more than 20 years and currently has two hit Netflix comedy specials, with two more in the works. The Netflix series he stars in and produces "Mr. Iglesias" Season 2 premieres June 17.

[ | Photo: Anthony Nunez]

According to, Gabriel Iglesias went into a survival mode hence why he stepped away from work for an "emotional rebuild".

The standup comedian said, "everything fell apart". The stress of balancing work and family took a toll on the comedian and eventually Gabriel and his longtime partner Claudia Valdez ended up splitting. Gabriel Iglesias who is now single, mentioned to "home is different for me now. I can focus on myself, my career, my kid, and my dogs." said Gabriel. Gabriel Iglesias says he can't wait to get back on the road, but his latest tour is currently on hold due to Covid-19. We wish him well on his new journey and always look forward to seeing him around!


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