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Garota's Clothing Line - Fashion, Beauty Blogger Carolina Silva.

This beautiful Latina fashion blogger is a trend setter and she is gaining major popularity online.

Meet Carolina Silva, she's magical and fashionable and wants to inspire other women to look good and feel good.

Who is Carolina Silva?

Carolina Silva was born in Venezuela, and now resides between L.A and Miami.

She is a fashion, beauty, lifestyle blogger as well as an entrepreneur and one of Garota's owners.

[Photo: Carolina Silva - Instagram]

Her true passion is fashion...

Garota's clothing line was born as Carolina Silvas’ dream.

Carolina shares beautiful content through her blogs, where she talks about different brands, products, life, love and more.

Her goal is to inspire others to dream and work for it.

[Photo: Carolina Silva - Instagram]

[Photo: Carolina Silva - Instagram]

[Photo: Carolina Silva - Instagram]

[Photo: Carolina Silva - Instagram]

[Photo: Carolina Silva - Instagram]

[Photo: Carolina Silva - Instagram]

[Photo: Carolina Silva - Instagram]

Garota's clothing line

Garota is an online store located in Los Angeles and they offer the latest fashion trends.

The brand was originally born in Venezuela and brought over to the US about four years ago.

Garota has three stores located in Miami and they also ship worldwide.

Garota's collections is curated by Carolina Silva. Her brand is a reflection of her fashion vision and style.

Garota offers their customers unique styles and fun trends.

Their brand brings you style, good taste, creativity and most importantly work done with love.

[Photo: Garota - Official Website]

To learn more about Carolina Silva and Garota, follow them on social media;

Carolina Silva's Website

Carolina's Instagram

Garota's Website

Garota's Instagram

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