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The Coolest Man on Instagram - Gianluca Vacchi!

Gianluca Vacchi may be the Coolest Man on Instagram. The 52-year-old silver-haired, tattooed multimillionaire entrepreneur is not your average Instagram star.

This man took social media by a storm when a video he posted of himself dancing, went viral. He has become famous for his dancing videos. Gianluca Vacchi's dancing posts are often performed to Brazilian Baile Funk or Latino music and has since gained a huge Instagram following.

Gianluca likes to think of himself as a "global entertainer and celebrity."

He's definitely living a lavish lifestyle and you can take a sneak peek inside the extravagant world of Gianluca Vacchi. Follow Gianluca Vacchi on Instagram.

Gianluca Vacchi recently announced that he is going to become a father. He and model girlfriend Sharon Fonseca, 25, are expecting a baby boy. Congratulations to both!

Watch their most recent video of Gianluca and Girlfriend dancing on Instagram! (Watch video)

Follow Gianluca Vacchi on Instagram.


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