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Glam Revolution Collection.

Glam Revolution Collection is a small black woman-owned business based in Brunswick, GA.

Meet the owner of Glam Revolution Collection, Jasmine Greatheart-Billue.

Jasmine's ultimate dream was to create her very own cosmetics line, which is now unfolding. As an artist, she enjoys helping others step outside their comfort zone.

For Jasmine, Glam Revolution Collection represents her passion for makeup.

Her online store offers beauty and makeup products, lashes, glitters, glam fashion, and accessories.

We must admit that we have become somewhat obsessed with their glitter selection!

If you're obsessed with smearing your eyes with the glitziest makeup looks, then check out Glam Revolution's glitter collection.

[Photo by Glam Revolution Collection]

[Photo by Glam Revolution Collection]

Jasmine believes that beauty is BOLD and Glam is BEAUTIFUL.

Her only wish is for each and every customer to enjoy their GLAM EXPERIENCE.

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