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Halle Berry's Amazing Body At 53 - She’s A YogaQueen!

Halle Berry's incredible body at 53-years-young is the ultimate inspiration and she proves that she’s a YogaQueen!

If you follow Halle Berry on Instagram, you will know that the actress shares all her exercise secrets through her account. On June 12th, her fitness Friday post was about yoga, not only is it good for her figure but she also said it helps her de-stress.

Halle told Women’s Health in an article:

"One of the most helpful stress-releasing practices for me is yoga. To me, it’s a physical form of meditation that allows me to move negative energy out of my body. Whatever type of yoga I practice, focusing on my breath and really *feeling* my body as I flow through and hold poses really centers me. It’s like the stress just lifts right out of me. I try to do yoga at least three times a week—even if just for 15 minutes or so”

Halle Berry believes that finding ways to release stress and negative energy is crucial for maintaining your health and well-being. Halle Berry is a producer, director, and actress. Now known as one of the fittest women in Hollywood.

If you would like to see more Halle Berry's post, pictures, and #FitnessFriday post, make sure to follow her on Instagram!

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