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Handmade Jewelry Made Just For You!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

A collection of handmade jewelry made by designer Leann Luv. Personalize your own scripted jewelry made just for you.

Let's talk about the CEO and Designer of BDL Jewelry. This young lady is best known as Leann Luv who started her business "Designs By Leann" at the early age of 16. Her story is very inspiring, she thought it could only be a dream, to be able to be successful in selling art, but her dream came true. She hopes to inspire many young artists to follow their dreams and never give up even if the whole world is telling you no.

This is what Leann Luv says about her collection;

"As an artist, I put together a collection of meaningful jewelry with personalized handmade pieces by yours truly.  The goal I have for my brand is for every person to find a unique and personalized piece that speaks to your soul and matches your aura. To see a piece of Jewelry and say 'This one is me'".  Read Full Bio

Check out this TikTok video of Leann Luv making these custom name pieces!

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